Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Top Ten Remix Items

Today I want to show you my top ten remix items...

...I actually saw this (once again) on Kate`s blog and first I thought I will never be able to choose ten items - well then I challenged myself and I found ten favorites :) 

A few of these could be exchanged by similar ones - like the floral blouse or the blue patterned blouse. I am actually highly in love with most of my clothes and I could easily have chosen 20 or even 30 favorite items. I did between others not include any of my dresses in this list and I have a handful of other favorite blouses and skirts and cardigans and jeans and and and which did not make it on the list. It was intersting though to think about the differnet items and to choose the top ten.  

So what do we have here?

1. My Levis Jeans - love love love them and cant wait to wear them again when my belly is gone :)
(worn here and here and here and in many other outfits :))
2. My light pink scarf - I really wear it almost every day, no matter if Winter or Summer.
(worn here and here and here and in soooo many other outfits)
3. My Bottega cardigan - I love the neutral color of it and I wear it with all different kinds of outfits.
(worn here, here and here and in soooo many other looks)
4. A simple blue cashmere dress - I love simple knit dresses since they are so easy to be combined with all different kind of accessoires. This dark blue one from Hess Natur is my favorite and I wear it a looooot. 
(Worn here and in my last post :))
5. A simple white oversized tshirt - one of my absolut essentials, especially in Summer!
(Worn for example here)
6. My patterned skirt - I have a few different skirts in the same style and I dont really know if this one really is my favorite one, but I guess its the one, I have been weearing the most so far. But I love all kind of short skirts with a nice pattern on!
(I realized I have never worn this one on my blog but I have worn other patterend skirts here or here
7. My light blue striped blazer - I have a lot of blazers and I love most of them endlessly but I think this one is still my favorite.
(Worn here and my other striped blazer here)
8. A dark blue patterned blouse - I like dark blue since its so easy to be combined with other colors so I have few dark blue pieces and since I love to wear pretty blouses this one is one I choose quite often.
(I have actually never worn this one on my blog even though I wear it sooo often. But in this post I am wearing a similar one)
9. Floral blouses - again, I have a few but I think this one is my favorite. I love floral prints and I think they are perfect to be combined with some simple jeans. 
(Worn for example here)
10. My light pink oversized blazer- this one is definetly the item I wear most of all (next to the light pink scarf). I LOVE it and it goes well with almost all my outfits :) 
(Worn here and here and in a lot of other outfits)

As you can see my favorite colors are blue and light pink... and I love pretty patterns, especially floral prints. Also, I love classical pieces such as blouses and blazers. Nothing too fancy, nothing too boring, nothing too chic but nothing too casual either - I guess thats somehow how I can describe my style :D

Have you ever thought about your ten favorite pieces? Or did you maybe even make a post about them? I would LOVE to see them, so please share the link or let me know what your favorite pieces are!


  1. Excellent choices, I love light pink, so the scarf and the blazer are my favourite ones from ur list:) I dont know about my own fav pieces, but for sure there will be jeans and ballerinas flat shoes:) Have a great day, hugs:))

  2. wow,the items are lovely
    love that blazer its beautiful

  3. I love remixing my closet! I can't get enough of that floral blazer! So so cute!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  4. I feel like all I do anymore if remix my closet, hehe. Really adoring the colors here and that peach blazer is such a great piece. Those peachy-pink pieces with all that gorgeous blue you have are really going to make some killer outfits. Have a gorgeous day, gorgeous gal!!! xo Marisa

  5. Hi dear
    Great post, so original!
    I have some basics that for me are mandatory :)

  6. Amazing pieces ;)

  7. I do like those shades which you've chosen, all of those items are pretty!
    I must say I have never thought about your ten favorite piece? moreover, I often catch myself at the idea that I have nothing to wear. My wardrobe is full and it's about to explode with different clothes, though. I'm dreaming to become more rational about this topic, to buy only those things which I really need. How to do that I have no idea:(

  8. It was smart of you not to include any dresses. I thought it would be much warmer than it actually is these days, and now feel so limited by not being able to wear it. I see you and I have similar liking for blues and neutrals :)

  9. Such a great idea! I have so many shirts and leggings that I love to wear. Remixing an outfit is my fave thing to do with my fave pieces :)


  10. Nice clothes, love the floral blouse :)


  11. Lovely choices! These all seem like timeless classics :)

    Chic Dream Jar

  12. Blazers are really my goto styles, and they are quite versatile as well. Great picks! <3
    Foodie Favourite: Kale

  13. Liebe Larissa,
    wieder einmal sehe ich bestätigt, was Du für schöne Sachen und welch tollen Geschmack Du hast! Gefallen mir sehr, Deine Top 10, und vor allem spiegelt jedes einzelne Teil Deinen Stil wunderbar wieder. Ich würde spontan auch glauben, dass es mir eher schwerfallen würde meine Favoriten herauszusuchen. Auf jeden Fall wäre eine schwarze Hose und meine schwarzen Pistol Boots dabei. Okay heute, im Sommer könnte das schon wieder anders aussehen ;) Auf jeden Fall lieben Dank für den Gedankenanstoß und Euch alles Liebe!
    xx Rena
    International Giveaway: Zatchels Bag as Thank-You for the Supporter of my Hobby

  14. Love it ;). Thanks a lot for visiting and for such a nice comment. Kiss



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