Saturday, April 18, 2015

Favorite Vegan Lasagna

Today I want to share with you my favorite recipe for a vegan lasagna...

...there are millions of recipes for vegan lasagna out there but I like this one best - its without soy/tofu, its incredibly delicious and healthy.

Here is what you need:

The veggies: 

1-2 zucchini
1-2 eggplants
Mushrooms (as many as you like)
Spinach (if you like - I sometimes add spinach and sometimes I just leave it)

The tomatoe sauce:

Some celery
Tomatoe puree/tomatoe sauce
Salt and Pepper
Some italian herbs  

The "bechamel" sauce:

Margarine or coconut fat
Milk of your choice (I usually use homemade cashew milk) 
Salt and pepper

For the "cheese":

Almonds (or almond butter)
Yeast flaked
Sweet pepper powder
Salt and pepper
Some water 

And of course: Lasagna slices

How to do:

For the tomatoe sauce:
Cut the celery, onion and garlic into small pieces, fry in a pan or pot, add tomatoe purree or tomatoe sauce, herbs and salt and pepper. Easy :)

For the bechamel sauce:
Allow the margarine or coconut fat to melt in a pot, add some flour. Then add milk of your choice and wait until the sauce gets thick. If you need to, add more flour. Then add nutmeg, salt and pepper to your taste. 

After having made the two sauces, cut the zucchini and eggplant into slices and fry them carefully from both sides in a pan (or grill them) so that they get soft. 
Also cut the mushrooms into pieces and fry them.

Now you can start the layering -  I always start with the lasagna slices, then I add tomatoe sauce and then I put the first layer of zucchini... then I put bechamel sauce on top, take some lasagna slices again and continue with the tomatoe sauce - veggies - bechamel- lasagna slices and so on...
You can add the mushrooms at the end or in between, you can also add spinach or other veggies if you like. 

... finally, I make my "cheese". For the cheese I take almonds (without the skin) or almond butter and I mix them in my high speed blender with some water, yeast flakes, sweet pepper powder, salt and pepper until I get a smooth paste. I add the paste on top of the last layering (usually my mushrooms which I put on top). 

I leave the lasagna in the oven at around 200°C for some 40 minutes.

Enjoy your vegan veggie lasagna :)

This is actually one of my favorite dishes on earth and I can really totally recommend it! In case you tried it, please let me know if you also liked it that much! 
And I would love to know what your favorite recipe for lasagna is like! Which ingredients do you like best in your lasagna? Plain meat or tofu or veggies or...??? I would love to know :)


  1. i really dont cook that much so i dont have an recipe
    this looks so yummy

  2. Oh, das sieht so lecker aus, da würde ich am liebsten gleich zugreifen! In mein "bestes" vegetarisches Lasagne-Rezept kommen auch Auberginen und Zucchine - aber keine Champignons. Dafür aber noch große, angebratende Tomatenscheiben :) Ich liebe dieses Rezept, allerdings ist es ziemlich viel Arbeit und da fast alles Gemüse angebraten wird, ist in der Küche dann immer ein ziemlicher Dampf. Du hast mich jetzt aber inspiriert, danke dafür und ein schönes Wochenende!
    xx Rena
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  3. OMG this recipe looks really delicious!! *--*
    I'm hungry! xD
    have a great Monday

  4. That looks so good! I've always wondered about cheese replacements in vegan dishes. I want to try them so bad, they sound yummier than actual cheese!

  5. Pretty sure I'd like this too, what a great post.

  6. I love your images - they are so crisp and clear! This looks amazing! I've never made a lasagne which is really weird because I'm often called the Pasta Queen! But I did do my mums banting dinner once and it was Zuccini as the 'spaghetti' and it was really, really delicious!

    Your recipes always fascinate me!! Can't wait to try this once out when I have some money in the bank and someone to cook for again :) xxxxxx


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