Sunday, February 15, 2015

My pregnancy - Second Trimester

Today, I want to share with you some thoughts about the second trimester of my pregnancy...

... its so weird to think about that I am already in the third, the last, trimester! Only a few more weeks to go and we will have a little baby! But for now about the second trimester.

Most women say, and I agree, that the second trimester is the best one.

Usually, you do no longer feel sick and tired but full of energy. This is also how I felt. In the first trimester I felt sick for around 5 weeks and I was very very tired, during the second trimester however, I did not feel sick at all and I had plenty of energy (compared with the first trimester), I could go back to normal food and my weird cravings stopped, I had days where I almost forgot that I am pregnant ;) 

At the same time, my belly grew a lot and I had to get a few new clothes. Strangers began realizing that I was pregnant when they saw me, so when I went to places where I was offered a drink, they said things like "Anything to drink? I guess no coffee, am I right?" (since you are not supposed to drink coffee during pregnancy). Or, when we took the flight to Lisbon, the lady at the security check looked at my belly saying "oh, you are pregnant, I better scan you manually". These moments were really special, because I began realizing that I was now officially "part of" the pregnant women. People could see that I was pregnant and they treated me differently because of this. I really like this and it was wonderful to experience this special treatment for the first time in the second trimester. 

I also got in more and more contact with other pregnant women, especially because of my pregnancy yoga classes. I can totally recommend pregnancy yoga to everyone out there! Its a wonderful experience and you really get in contact with your body and your belly in a whole new way!  

Then, it also was during the second trimester that we got to know the gender of our baby and we bought the first few things (a few clothes) and began preparing a few things in the flat. So the baby was becoming more and more part of our life. We found a name and began talking about the little wonder in my belly with a name. It makes everything different to talk about a baby with a name than to talk about some anonymous person.

And, another beautiful thing which most women experience during the second trimester is when they begin feeling the baby in their belly. I will never ever forget the moment I felt the baby moving in my belly for the first time. And I will never forget how my husband was able to feel something from the outside for the first time. These moments are so precious and they make the second trimester even more beautiful. 

So during the second trimester the pregnancy became even more present in our lifes and I began enjoying my pregnancy much more - because I felt awesome, because I felt the baby in my belly and because I was treated differently by the society.

On the other hand, I also faced a few problems with my body. Nothing bad, but I began feeling dizzy in the morning (not every morning but sometimes) because of the lower blood pressure which almost all pregnant women have. I also began having some backpain since my belly was getting heavier. But I took these small troubles easy and they did not really restrict me from anything. The backpain even allowed me so get these wonderful massages every week, so I really do not want to complain about it ;) 

For me the second trimester was really easy and beautiful and I am beyond grateful for this! I know that not all women are as lucky as I am with their pregnancy and I feel blessed every day for the wonder in my belly and for my health and energy.  
In case you have been here, can you relate to anything of what I wrote? Or did you experience the second trimester differently? I would love to know! 


  1. so happy to know that u are enjoying your pregnancy
    so is it a boy
    Keep in touch

  2. Best wishes for you and your child :)
    Pregnancy is a great moment for a woman :)

  3. Gorgeous !!! you look lovely.:-) Kisses dear, have a good evening! xo

  4. Aah so nice! You look wonderful.


  5. wow its so good to read that you are enjoying all the steps of your pregancy
    All the best dear

  6. Ach, wie schön zu lesen das es dir und deinem Baby gut geht! Das ist ja das allerwichtigste überhaupt! Bleibt ihr in eurer Wohnung oder werdet ihr umziehen müssen, wenn das Kind größer wird?

    Liebe Grüße,

  7. Great outfit.. the blue is so nice on you. I love your striped top as well. seems these kind of stripes are perfect when one is pregnant :) How exciting for you, can't wait to see baby photos soon :)

  8. So glad you had an amazing second trimester! So exciting it is getting so close! Cant wait to find out the name and gender! :)

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  9. awww, so cute. I was sick n felt nausea for almost till 5 months, n even travelled to mountains to Kashmir cross country in the second trimester, though puking all the, But after the fifth month , I felt more beautiful, n was able to concentrate on thoughts more as my mind was away from feeling sick .
    And of course u can continue blogging. Your baby could take all the attention here, and we would love to see the pics n drool. I started blogging when my daughter was 5,(3 yrs back)so she was quite big n independent, n now , she wants to have her own blog. Its hilarious.

  10. Those baby clothes r co cute:)) I cant imagine how wonderful it must be to feel the baby in ur belly:)) have a great week:)

  11. So happy to hear you are feeling so full of energy and enjoying your pregnancy. Cute baby stuff.
    hugs and take good care

  12. I love this blue outfit and perfect with the ble strippes added!

  13. I love reading about your pregnancy, Rosa!!
    I send you a huge kiss!
    In some weeks you are going to hug your little and perfect baby!!!!

  14. Both my sisters had different pregnancy, (one is still pregnant) my olderst sister was sick for about 6 months of her pregnancy and my other sister was sick for a few months and that was about it. It's crazy how different everyone is! I bet you must be so excited they it is almost time to give birth! Best of luck with everything xx

  15. Only a few more WEEKS?? Wow! How exciting! These posts are interesting, and something I know nothing about! I am so glad you are feeling good, and being treated well by everyone. That would certainly be special. Also, very exciting to have found out the name/gender! I sure hope we will get to learn the name on your blog. Hope you are doing well, dear friend! Thank you for your kind words, always!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  16. wow the clothing the baby is so cute <3

  17. So lovely post dear! Really happy you feel full of energy, best wishes

  18. I can't believe you're in the third trimester already! You're so close!


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