Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pregnancy Must Haves - Winter Edition - Part I

I am new in this world of maternatiy clothing...

... and I love to get into it :)

My belly is growing around 1 cm a week, so I need more and more maternity clothes by now. In the coming months I will share with you some of my must have pieces for a Winter pregnancy and I will also share a few tips and tricks with you :)

My first must have piece for Winter is definetly a big enough coat! I do no longer fit in my normal coats so I needed one in a different shape and I found this one:

The Coat is from Monki and the wide shape is just perfect for my belly. Its super comfortable and cozy. Since its not labelled as a maternity piece it is also less expensive. And this is also my first tip: 

Go for the normal collections in your favorite shops and just look for pieces in the oversize-style or one to two sizes bigger than what you usually buy

For everything you need from the maternity collection, buy it second hand. The jeans I bought now will no longer fit in a few weeks and I will need new ones again. So I better buy them for a little money second hand and I just resell them after a few weeks. Its better for the environment, its better for your bank account and its a lot of fun! Plus you can afford buying a little more ;) 

Now, for under the coat my first Must Haves are knit dresses
You can wear your normal knit dresses for the first (at least) six months of pregnancy and they will look great! The good thing is that leggings and tights are acutally really comfortable to wear with a big belly so its easy to make a nice outfit with a knit dress and a tight which you used to wear before pregnancy. 

For later I recommend to buy maternity tights and leggings but in the first few months you will be totally fine with your normal ones. They strech :)

I hope you enjoyed this first Pregnancy Must Haves post :)

Thank you a lot for your sweet comments on my last post and have a wonderful end of the week! 
I am going to northern Germany today to see my family for christmas. I can`t wait to meet them and show them my belly... and tell them the sex of our little baby!

Sending you all lots of christmas-love :)


  1. I love this scarf:) the colour of ur dress is also beautiful:)

  2. lovely outfit, you look stylish and comfy!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and I think is so cute! :)
    I follow you and I hope your visit. :)
    good week

  4. Great outfit ;)
    To answer your question. There are plenty of suggestions for the passage of the new year, you'll be in Lisbon or go to another location as close to the beach or something?
    If you want to send - me an e-mail to: I can send you several posters if you want to of course!

  5. glowing with the pregnancy glow and I cm per month stomach growth , wow
    Keep in touch

  6. Gorgeous girl!! That dress is just amazing and I love it with the coat! Your bump is growing!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  7. Haha, I know it may sound funny, but i only cook for me and my fiancee:P we eat quite a lot, but we are very slim:P of course sometimes there are some leftovers, which is good, cos we can eat them for dinner or the next day, or I can freeze it and serve it whenever I dont have the time to cook:)

  8. Wie schön du wieder aussiehst! Hast recht, ist eine gute Idee, einfach Klamotten zu kaufen, die man danach auch noch tragen kann (und den Rest second hand).
    Das Strickkleid steht dir super!

    Dir ein tolles Wochenende!

  9. Nice look, love it!

  10. Lovely scarf! You look great :)

    x vonyll

  11. You are truly stunning Larissa! Many many congrats. I've hardly been on my computer, so I feel like I've missed out on so much. I am so very happy for you sweet gal! xo

  12. What a wonderful belly rosa!!!!
    I love pregnant woman, I think you are special, magic, you have a growing baby in your belly!!!
    It's a miracle!!!!
    I think I will read again these posts when the time will come even for me! :)


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