Friday, October 31, 2014

My Wedding Part IV - My Wedding Day Make-Up

I am a little exited since this is actually my first ever make-up post :)

The reason for this is that I am actually not that much into make-up. I wear mascara and rouge and thats basically it. Anyhow, for my wedding I have been wearing at least a little more so I thought I could share this with you. 

As a foundation I actually just used a BB cream. As a rouge I used my favorite rouge stick from alverde which I use basically every day. By the way, all the products I use are organic, cruelty free and mostly vegan. 
Most of them are from the German brand alverde which, as far as I know, you can only find in Germany. There are also a few products from Lavera, a brand you all know by now I guess (Ive been reviewing it a lot). 

Further, I used dark brown mascara, two kinds of lipstick (first the dark and then a little bit of the light one on top), black eye liner and a little bit of eye shadow in natural colors. 
I also used a concealer, trying to hide that I wasnt sleeping well the night before the ceremony ;)

I know this is less than many of you use on a normal work day, but for me it was just fine like this. As with my dress, I just wanted to be myself on my wedding day, not a princess and not a make up artist queen. This is why I kept it simple with both dress, hair and make up. 

By the way, the parfum I used that day, is the parfum my husband gave to me on our first year anniversary. I still have it since I use it only for special occasions and it was just so perfect to wear it on my wedding day. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I will have a friend from Berlin coming over and Saturday night I will celebrate our one-month anniversary as a married couple with my husband :)
Sending you lots of love beautiful people!!!


  1. You look very pretty, and nice products!
    Have a great week end!!

  2. aaaahh.... ich habe mir gerade AALLEEEE Wedding Posts von dir angeschaut!! :D
    Soooo toll! :) Ich liebe Hochzeiten und würde am liebsten jeden Monat auf eine gehen ^^ haha...
    Toll hast du ausgesehen!!! Und das natürliche Make Up ist wohl das beste, was eine Braut wählen kann ;)

  3. I don't like to wear a lot of make up too for the most part of the week. Great make up Larissa, you just enhance your natural beauty. I like it a lot. Did you do your make up yourself? Great job.


  4. Rosa!
    You look so good!!!!You look natural, and that' the most important thing about make up (Ithink!).
    Hope you celebrate your first "monthversary" in a very cool way!

  5. Very cute make up, I did my make up also for my wedding. Thats the best!

  6. Das Make Up sieht super aus!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. very nice

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  8. Aw you look gorgeous! Your makeup turned out perfect!

    <3 Shannon

  9. Finde ich toll - eine gute Mischung aus 'mal etwas mehr Aufwand' und trotzdem 'ich bleiben'. Den Rouge-Stick muss ich auch mal ausprobieren, jtzt im Winter vielleicht besser als Puder-Roude.
    Die Ohrringe fand ich auch ganz wunderschön an dir!


  10. So lovely and subtle. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed your one month anniversary :) xx

  11. congratulatiosn for the post and the one moutnh!!!!! yujuuu sooo pretty!

  12. I love your style! you are so cute :) Feel free and check out my blog im sure you will love it! :)) xoxo


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