Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jeans in the Fall Sun

That day, when I took these pictures, Fall was presenting itself from its most beautiful side...

My husband and I went for a long bicycle tour that day and on the way back we took some pictures in the afternoon sun. We had fun playing with the light and the shadows and I actually like the contrasts in these pictures (light and dark). 

 Concerning my outfit, its nothing special. Its what I like best to wear on these days where its not really cold but not really warm either - jeans, boots, a shirt and a blazer or light jacket on top. I got this blazer in Columbus, Ohio, when I was there earlier this year. I like the casual shape of it, combined with the rather chic pinstripes. 

I hope you are all doing good and enjoying your week so far!? Here the weather is getting so bad and I actually spend most of my time inside, just leaving the house to go for grocery shopping or classes that I give. For now I am able to enjoy this cozy lifestyle but I am also looking forward to our honeymoon vacation coming up in mid November. I will of course tell you more about it soon and share plenty of pictures after we are back :)

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend so far!? 
I`ve been actually selling on a flea market yesterday which was a lot of fun even though I did not sell as much as I thought to. Today we checked out a new place for vegan breakfast in my city and we actually liked it. Maybe I will make a post about my favorite vegan breakfasts here in Leipzig some day :)
Anyway, enjoy the rest of you weekend to the fullest!
Sending you lots of love!


  1. You are always the most chic! Loving the casual cool minimalist vibe of your outfit. A bicycle tour sounds lovely. I really miss being on a bike but it's so hard to get around on one since I live on a mountainside. Have a sweet Sunday Larissa!

  2. looking forward to the vegan breakfast post
    nice outfit, i really liked your shoes
    Keep in touch

  3. Such a perfect laid back Fall outfit! Love those booties! I can't wait for your breakfast post!!

    <3 Shannon

  4. thank you!!!! so nice look and good weather great!!!! i would like to have a bicycle! kisses larissa

  5. Der Blazer ist toll!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Hi Rosa!!
    I've been away from my pc in these days....I was focus on "Brothers and Sisters" a television seires..... :)
    Well, I'm soooo happy for you and for your honeymoon that is coming!!!
    I love when you write "husband"!!! :) :) :)

    1. .......I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG STYLE!!!!!!!!! it's wonderful!!!!!!

  7. Great hair and shoes dear :D


  8. Wie krass, dass du jetzt "husband" schreiben kannst - wie fühlt sich das an? Bestimmt, fantastisch oder?
    Der Herbst ist auch hier zur Zeit wunderschön, schade, dass es nicht ewig so bleiben kann...



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