Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Zion National Park...

Now there is one US Blogpost coming after the other...

...but for the next few posts I planned a break from US pictures, so that you guys do not get bored from just seeing my vacation-pictures ;) 

But before the break I have to show you a few impressions from the Zion National Park. I think its my new favorite place on earth (I need to update this in my "about me" page on my blog ;)) and located in the beautiful state UTAH.

Its been a really really hot day, the day we spent there so my friend from Mauretania made me this professional turban to protect my head from the sun. People looked at me in a weird way but I really liked the turban and I did not get a headache (which I usually do when spending too much time in the sun).

We went for a hike in the canyon and it was pretty cool, since we had to walk IN the Virgin River. The weather was perfect for a hike in the water so we enjoyed it. I couldn't hike for long, cause I did not bring shoes to wear in the water and after a while it really started hurting hiking with bare feet on the sharp stones in the river... it was awesome anyway!

Later on that day, my friend from Pakistan made me another turban which you can see on the above picture. I thought it was a lot of fun how the two guys made turbans for me and fought about which one was better. I liked both of them, but I think the Mauretanian style looks slightly cooler ;) 


  1. What a grand and glorious place! I have yet to visit the western part of the US sadly. It really does look amazing though. And I love the turbans on you. Definitely seems like the perfect thing to keep cool in the beating sun. xoxo Marisa

  2. I definatly need to visit this place, it's so open, green and I love to be in Natures's lap
    The turban suits you
    Keep in touch

  3. wow super! one of the best!

  4. amazing park!

  5. oh my God, this park is such a fabulous place! I have never seen such a wonderful beauty and interesting landscapes, thank you for sharing those amazing photographs. I'm not quite sure that I will be able to visit Utah ever in my life, but it's great to see it in your blog, however:)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  6. Such great pictures! I really hope I can make it out there one day!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  7. Hi Larissa
    ......what can I say?
    You really visited wonderful places!!!! :)
    When I'm going to visit USA, I'm going to ask you some advice! :)

  8. Hi Larissa, its so great that you visited states and cities that are not necessarily known as well as the other international tourists cities like NYC and Vegas, I find these types of naturally beautiful places so much more interesting and unique. Looks fantastic! Thanks for your kind visit!

  9. Love the professional looking turbans ;) And the most important thing is that u didn't get any headaches from the sun! Hikes are so wonderful esp w/ the beautiful nature, it's even more amazing! I love that u are still very casual chic here for ur hike~~

  10. Wow,that is so beautiful.love your casual comfortable look

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  12. Cool turban dear! And amazing places as always!

  13. Que guapa y original son unas fotos preciosa, besitos

    Tengo sorteo internacional de 3 mantas de brochas


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