Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sand Hollow State Park

Yay, another Post full of memories from my vacation in the US ;)

This place is called Sand Hollow State Park, its in Utah and a truly amazing place! Its a beautiful lake in the middle of the desert and I just loved the red rocks next to the blue, clear water. We spent a few wonderful hours there and I also went swimming in the lake, which was awesome given the fact that the temperatures were aorund 34° C that day. 

Concerning my outfit, I bought this blouse in Chicago, where I went before going to Arizona and Utah (will post some pictures from there too...) and since I've got it, I am wearing it like every second day or so. Its from H&M and I am sure some of you have the same one ;)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! For me its market day today. I haven't been to the market for so long since I was travelling around (those following me on instagram, already know that I spent last weekend in Lithuania... I will also make a post or two about this ;)). Tonight we will celebrate my sisters in law's birthday and tomorrow my fiance and I need to get serious about the planning of our wedding which will take place in early October... ;)  

Lots of love to all of you out there!


  1. The location is just fablous
    Keep in touch

  2. Looks a such a peaceful place. Reminds me of red rocks in Denver, USA.

  3. Great pictures! That water looks beautiful in the sunshine :) xx

  4. wow, such an amazing place, loved it :D

  5. Cool pics and I love color combination!

  6. Hi dear Larissa!!
    Wow, I knew USA is wonderful but now I'm sure of it!
    these places are wonderful!!
    So...what about your wedding plans?
    So exciting!!!! :)

  7. wow, that place is worth a visit and see for myself. It is one of those natural wonders and beautiful as it is. Thanks for sharing.


  8. What an amazing place, perfect background!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  9. Love those brown rocks. Nature has its ways of making ridges on stones.

  10. beautiful places :)))


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