Thursday, April 3, 2014

Early Morning Walk

Good morning!

These pictures are from last weekend, where I've been on a workshop in the Rheinland-area. Its an aera of Germany I actually did not know before and I really loved it around there. Before the workshop began in the morning, I went for a really nice walk in the beautiful nature around the hotel where we were staying...

I hope you enjoyed these early morning impressions :)

I am somehow badly busy these days - after the weekend workshop (which was awesome!) I took a flight to Paris for small business trip and came home last night. The business trip was really nice too - after work we went to Versailles and enjoyed the beauty of this small town. I post a few instagrams from the trip so if you are following me on instagram, you can get an impression of the town of Versailles :)

For now, I am wishing you a wonderful day and loooooots of sunshine and spring flowers :)


  1. Wow the pictures are amazing!
    Reinvent Yourself

  2. What beautiful pictures! The fog creates a wonderful mood.

  3. I'm a huge fan of such weather, I simply adore fog and this mysterious atmosphere. I'd love to take such photographs in the fog, i find it really great:) I admit I'm so impressed by these snapshots, they are fabulous;) Those views are so picturesque, I would also like to see it in reality.
    Wish you a great day ahead)

  4. these are beautiful! and it looks like you were up suuuper early, what time was this at?? I love the fog. and I do love early mornings, though I can't hardly get myself up for them :)

    so SUPER jealous that you could go to Paris for a weekend trip! gah! hope to see some pictures from there on the blog as well.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. Wooow these pictures are amazing! Love all of them!

  6. wow the view is beautiful!


  7. wow,beautiful pictures.
    The view is so amazing
    keep intouch

  8. oh kein Problem, ich dachte schon, dass du viel zu tun hast! :D Ich freu mich, dass du dich freust, es scheint so, als hätten die Leipzigerinnen besonderes Glück, weil das Mädchen, das letztes Mal die Tasche gewonnen hat, kommt auch aus Leipzig xD wtf...
    ohgott diese Bilder... ich hatte nen richtig verkackten Tag, aber jetzt fühl ich mich so wohl, die Bilder haben mich total beruhigt... und ein unglaubliches Fernweh hervorgerufen :( So stell ich mir den Himmel vor :3
    Liebe Grüße <3

  9. Wow, I am fascinated by these beautiful photos, the place where you live is very picturesque, the mist across the road is so hauntingly pretty. Is this a farming region? The wide fields make me think of that. Id love to live here. I appreciate your comment hun...Have a great Friday!

  10. Amazing pictures, the place looks magic :)

  11. Wow, the photos are amazing, I love the atmosphere it's poetic and mysterious!

  12. Beautiful scenery! Looks like a movie!

    xxxo from San Francisco,




  13. My dear Larissa! :) Please forgive me for having been away from the blogs this past two months… I've been through hard personal situation and did not feel like blogging, sharing, or nothing..(I explained it on my last post) Luckily I'm better now. Thank you very much for your last comment on my blog!!!! I actually did celebrate St Valentines and I did a very very cute homemade "dessert"! It will be explained in my next post :D How are you? Your pictures are truly amazing! I can totally feel the peace of those fields..incredible! And a trip to Paris, oh I love that city! Hope you enjoyed this past days.. I'll be back to your lovely blog every now and then to see your veggie recipes and your colorful looks that I adore :)
    Lots of love

  14. so nice pics , like always!!!! you great, yess i am enyojing my vacactiuons now!!! kisses

  15. Larissa!!!
    I really really love these photos!
    I love the morning atmosphere!! they look magic!

  16. Boah, der Nebel sieht ja toll aus!


  17. Oh man, ist das schön!! :) Das sind richtig tolle Bilder!
    lg aus M

  18. Those photos are so gorgeous. I love fog.

  19. Beautiful pictures !!!
    Xoxo from France


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