Friday, March 21, 2014

Blue Spring

Spring is here!

It was like 20° C the other day and the Sun was shining and it was just a perfect day. So we went to the neighboor-city and spend the day there, visiting the zoo, drinking coffee and watching the sunset at the river. 

It was so beautiful!

And I was finally able to wear some real spring clothes. I decided for this blouse that I wanted to wear for a long time (but could'nt because of bad weather). 

I hope you enjoy my first "real" Spring outfit :)

Oh yes, and I got my hair cut once again. 

Actually I would love to know - how do you like it better, short like that or slightly longer (as I have it usual?)

I really like it short, but a lot of people used to tell me that I look better when its a little longer. What do you think?

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures :)

Lots of love to you!


  1. Pretty outfit. I love the blouse. Your hair looks good both ways. I prefer it longer, but it's your preference that matters.

  2. I think any hairstyle would suit you! Thats a lovely blouse, so perfect for warmer weather, the boots are awesome. It was great reading your comment...wishing you a wonderful and warm weekend!

  3. Hi! that's so great you are having beautiful weather. Beautiful blouse, bohemian and comfy, love it!
    have a nice weekend,
    - Elsey

  4. Hi dear Larissa!
    That blouse seems very comfortable!and you look great!
    I prefer your hair a little bit longer, but you look good even with short hair!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  5. love the blouse, is great

  6. That sounds like a very lovely day. Gld you are having warmer weather and are able to wear spring clothes. The blue blouse is very beautiful.

  7. I love your shoes so much . Your top also amazing ♥


  8. Liebe Larissa, hast du eigentlich auch schon mal probiert, gleich gemahlene Nüsse für die Nussmilch zu nehmen? Meinst du, das ginge auch?
    Tolle Tunika, blau steht dir einfach!

    Liebe Grüße,

  9. oh my <3 you're shining <3 so lovely :)

  10. You look great. It's so fun to break out "new" clothes when the weather changes.

  11. I love the premise of your blog- vegan and fashion, two of my favorite things! I love looking through your blog- you have great style. I follow you now and would love if you checked out my blog and followed back if you like! Have a nice day :)

  12. Spring is here as welll, yeah!! Lovely pics as always dear :)

  13. Nice outfit!!


  14. This top is lovely and I love it with these boots! And your hair looks adorable :)

  15. GUAUU I SEE SUNNY DAYS!!! you might be zoo happy, don't you??? you look great with soft colors like blue

    kisses form spain

  16. We have almost same weather now and it's super cool) I enjoy every ray of spring sun) Lovely snapshots as well, the nature looks so charming and you look even more beautiful close to nature and this blooming garden:)
    Have a fabulous time!


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