Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Homemade Rucola/Rocket-Cashew-Pesto (vegan)

I got this wonderful machine for christmas, which allows me to make a lot of great new things...

... and between others it allowed me to start my pesto-creation-carreer :)

The first pesto I want  to share with you is this Rucola-Cashew-Pesto

You need

Two big handfull of Rucola
Two small handfull of Cashew nuts
A spoon full of tomatoe paste
Two spoons full of yeast flakes
Olive oil (or other oil... I used some olive oil and some walnut oil)

And then just put everything together in the mixer or whatever machine you have until you have a nice paste. Add as much oil until you have the consistency you like :)

The pesto tastes great on bread, with pasta or rice or veggies or or or ....

Just try! Its really easy and its soooo good! I love it and I think its better than ketchup to pimp up any kinda boring meal.

Let me know if you tried it and how you liked it!
And hey, what is your favorite pesto anyway? I'm completly in the pesto mood right now and I would love to try out more new ideas, so if you have any please let me know!


  1. Yummy... pest os my fave pasta sauce!

  2. Yum, Id love to try this for pastas and salads looks so delicious and my kind of food! Is rucola the same as rocket? Hope your week is going well hun.

  3. they look so yummy and healthy. Thanks for sharing.


  4. WOW, it seams so yummy, i'm italian and i love pesto!
    Kiss Clo

  5. I love pesto too, this looks so healthy!

  6. that is so healthy! thanks for the info!

  7. I've always made the traditional pesto with basil and pine nuts so I would definitely love to see how it tastes with cashews...yum! You always have such delicious recipes on here Larissa!!!

  8. looks yummy!!!
    thanks for this post :)


  9. Hello Larissa! Happy New Year!! I too took a break from blogging too many things to do and hardly any free time.
    The pesto looks delicious!! I have only tried the traditional one, and I must confess that I don´t make it myself, I buy the ready made stuff (I usually make all of my own sauces, but pesto looked complicated, now I see that it really isn´t!).
    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Rucola is so good!

  11. That pesto looks so yumm! I've never thought of adding tomato paste in pesto! Will give it a try! Also can i just say i love your hair!

    do check out my blog:)

  12. I've never made pesto by hand before, so it's interesting to see that we can use nuts and that things like yeast is required. I commend you for your cooking skills (and the photography is beautiful)!


  13. I love pesto! And this one seems super yummy, I think I'm going to try this!


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