Thursday, October 3, 2013

Checkered Blazer

After showing you a striped blazer, I thought I also have to show you a checkered one ...

Blazer and light jackets are the one thing I am a little addicted too when it comes to fashion. Whenever I go to flea markets or thriftshops; I look for blazers, whenever there is a sale somewhere; I look for blazers, and whenever I don't know what to wear its pants, shirt and blazer :) 

This one is from my nextdoor thriftshop and I found it just a few days ago... I think its so perfect for fall! What do you think?

Today is the Day of German Unity, a holiday. The sun is shining, I have some friends coming over for vegan chocolate cake and coffee later today and I wish all of you a wonderful day too :)!!!


  1. it's beautiful, i don't like plaid, but this one won my heart! =)

  2. hi Dear, I like its.

  3. Great outfit. I love that blazer so much!
    I love your blog too. :)

    Ru|Glitter & Blush
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  4. Really nice! like it :)

    Today new post, Trip to Havana, don´t miss it!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  5. i love them too, so chic and elegant

    kisses fron canary island

  6. Love love how fabulously sophisticated this outfit is!

  7. cute outfit! I love your shorts and your blazer!

  8. Die Katzengesichter sind Strumpfhosen - super Teil, oder?
    Dein Blazer ist auch toll, da habe ich definitiv auch eine Schwäche für..


  9. love the jacket, thanks for ur comment, of course i follow u ;)
    see u soon,

  10. Hey doll ,

    thanks for dropping by my blog and for following
    I am already following you on GFC
    Keep in touch,

  11. You look great!
    Follow your blog by GFC and bloglovin’, hope, you’ll follow me back)

    Kicky Jane

  12. Love that blazer! Gorgeous pattern! Love your haircut btw :)

  13. It's perfect! Love the elegance and seriousness of this jacket is balanced with youthful style and casual shorts. You look great! A thousand kisses, dear Larissa.

  14. You look amazing! I love your style! The photos are magical!
    And the blazer - I must have :*

    Katherine Unique

  15. I can understand what you mean! I love wearing blazer myself a lot! I think I have at least 7 of them in my closet! :)
    I really like this outfit & I think the blazer goes perfectly together with those shoes!

  16. love your style ;)

    Like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

    XO MP.

  17. Such a great find, Larissa! This blazer is awesome and suits to you so much!


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