Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mosel #3

I have to post a few last pictures from the Mosel...

I promise that this one the last post with Mosel- pictures..  ;)

 On one of our walks, we found this stone quarry and we had a lot of fun exploring it ...


  1. Dich freuen! Ich glaube, es kommt eine wunderbare Herbstzeit auf uns zu. :)

  2. u r lucky to visit these awesome places..
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  3. woooow ! those photos are so magic *__* !

  4. Beautiful pictures. Everything is so green!! :D

  5. Great photos!! :) I like your hair style so much! So cute :)

  6. Viele Gegenden um die Mosel herum sind wirklich Traumhaft schön und genau das sieht man in deinen Bildern.

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    Hier entlang

  7. These pictures are great! I've only been to Kohn and Berlin, they seem so different from Mosel. I hope I can visit sometime again and see more of the country!

  8. What a lovely place and delightful scenery!! hope I get a chance to visit sometime :)
    And yeah if ur enjoying Bollywood me a visit to India is a must..there is something for everyone :)


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