Saturday, August 10, 2013

Favorite summer smoothies

I want to show you a few of my favorite summer smoothies... 

I really love smoothies as they make it so easy to eat lots of veggies and fruits without having to actually eat them the whole day :) 
Especially when its hot as these days, I love to have a cold smoothie in the afternoon (in winter its usually a hot coffee or tea that I prefer)

Usually I go to the market every Saturday to buy lots of fruits and veggies... it looks like on the picture in my kitchen when I am back from the market :)


One of my favorite smoothies is simply pineapple and a few ice- cubes... I am not even sure if you could call this a smoothie. But anyhow- I just love this pineapple- thing. 

To pimp it, I love to add some mangoe. Mangoe and pineapple are just a perfect combination! When I want to make a green smoothie out of it, I like to have pineapple, mangoe and some carrot- greens. Usually I also add some fresh lemon juice to give the whole thing some extra freshness :)  I also like to add moringa powder and chia seeds (See more on green smoothies on this Post )

Another green smoothie that I like in summer is carrot greens with  peaches and papaya. If the papaya is not sweet enough, its always a good idea to add a banana for some extra sweetness :) 

Other ingredients that I love in my summer smoothies are cold cucumber (I usually add half a cucumber to every smoothie I make) and all kind of berries. I usually buy lots of fresh raspberries on the market and deepfreeze them in small amounts, so that I can just take the frozen raspberries whenever I want to make a smoothie. Actually, I prepare all of the fruits so that I can just grab a handfull and add to the mixer. When you have the ready prepared pieces in the fridge, it will take less time to prepare te smoothie and you will automatically make them more often (this is at least how it works for me ;))

Do you have any other ideas of what to add to my smoothies? What do you like best?  


  1. MMM these look and sound lovely! Thank you for sharing..I've never tried adding a cucumber to my smoothie, must give that a go!! have a nice weekend :)

  2. Wow - so viele Mangos!! Ich komm mal bei euch vorbei... :-)

    Euch ein tolles Wochenende,

  3. I never thought to just blend pineapple up with ice cubes! Sounds so refreshing and to add mango and greens - oh yeah, I will have to try this for sure!

    In response to your comment - I just started wearing glasses again because the doctor found blood vessels that burst in my eye...sounds gross, I know. I can't wear my contacts until that goes away so I know what mean when you say you have to get used to wearing them...hehe.

    Have a lovely week Larissa!!

  4. ahhh so yummy! i love pineapple and mango :) i need to make a good smoothie soon! havent had one in a while

    Alexa <3


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