Friday, May 24, 2013

Walk in the Park...

The other Day I went  to explore my city again...

since I was gone for quite a while it is now nice to explore my city again and to find again all my favorite places.
This Park is the one I usually go to when I want to get some sun or some green around me :) 

Today I will travel a little and go to the city of Bremen where I have family. I will stay there for the next week and spend some time with my cousins. Its always nice to be there and to get some family- life, some good food and some quiet time :) 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


  1. cool place!!!!!
    I love the view :)


  2. park is really nice, and you combination is great !

  3. Just love it!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


  4. your city is GREAT!!! kisses have fun with your family

  5. Such gorgeous photos!! You look so stunning doll. Love love love your shorts.

    Alexa <3

  6. Ein toller Park, solche offenen und weiten Wiesen sieht man ja leider nicht allzuoft!
    Hab Spaß bei deiner Familie, ist doch toll, wieder zuhause zu sein, oder?

    Liebe Grüße,

    P.S.: War sehr geschmeichelt durch deinen letzten Kommentar!

  7. So pretty, such lovely gorgeous photos.

  8. Hi, I think u are right, we've got the same blazer but I don't think that on me look so boyfriend-style but surely you're taller than me (I'm 1,60mt), so it looks different ;) anyway great look, if u wanna we can follow each other!

  9. Well, I think Your photos are so gorgeous! ♥

  10. NIce pictures and outfit!

  11. Wow!!!!! You are an incredible talent, girl! Every post is so different, and inspirational, and bright!!!!
    I like the way that you take photos of nature, just looking at them, I want to to the country!


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