Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jeans Dress

Believe it or not, this is my first jeans dress ever! 

It is super soft and it has those super cute polkadots and and and; and this is why I liked it ;) Usually I am not so much into jeans- stuff but this little dress changed my mind. 
Now, that spring is coming I can finally wear it! 

Happy weekend to all of you! Hope you have some nice plans!? Here, the film festival is starting this week and I am all exited about it. Today I will watch Chasing Ice and Pirogue, next week there are two more movies I want to watch and maybe some short films too. But then it may get too expensive too ;) 

Also, there are still all those papers to write... why does this semester have to finish in May? It is just not possible to study when the weather is like this ;)


  1. Cute outfit! Yes, I follow you now.

  2. Oh ja, dir stehen die Punkte auch super! Und weißt du was: ich hatte glaube ich noch nie ein Jeanskleid!

    Liebe Grüße und ein tolles Wochenende,

  3. loved your vintage dress and all the rest black :D

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    thanks alot
    God Bless you.

  4. Hello sweety! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it, your opinion is so important!
    This is such an amazing post, im in love! (:
    New post on my blog! Stop by me soon!
    Have a really nice day :)

  5. you look great on a jeans dress. i like these pictures too, so nice.


  6. It's so girly and romantic!

  7. So beautiful as always! Really romantic <3

  8. your dress is so lovely , I LOVE polka dots on jeans! and cool photos to!

  9. Hi, Thanks for following me. I'm following you back now :)

  10. gorgeous dress, perfect print and colour - which looks great on you! x

  11. Great dress love it soo much ♥
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  12. great pictures :) Lovely dress, the outfit looks really cute ;) I love the photo filters here ;)


  13. You look great, I love dress & the color of the dress on you..

  14. wow, amazing blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    I am very happy, if you have a look at my blog.♥

  15. like when u smile!! nice pics

  16. I love it! Actually I could even tell it was a jeans dress. I love the color and the little polka dots so much! Lovely Larissa! The film festival sounds like a fun time!

    xo Marisa


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