Saturday, March 16, 2013

On Campus...

Time for a little break from my Roadtrip- pictures :)

I think it will get boring showing you pictures from the roadtrip in every post, so let me wait with the pic's from Old Lyme and Boston until next week and show you another small outfit in between :)

Those pictures are taking on my campus... which is basically a bunch of brick-buildings and some trees in between them :)


  1. Love your outfit, it reminds me of Ralph Lauren.

    Xoxo, Farah ♥
    Hello it's Farah

  2. that's a stunning campus and all of these pictures are so beautiful! Larissa <3 you should be a model. you look soooo good in all of these pictures. whenever i try to pose i look really weird. really love this fun and simple outfit. the cardigan is my fave part. i also love how unique and different the scarf is! Hope you're having a great weekend


  3. nice campus and i love your outfit! I miss Boston...


  4. Nice pics!!! Love your scarf!!
    Chic With The Least
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  5. wow, your trip to the USA seems so fantastic! I am in love with those pictures and I can't wait to visit the USA myself ;)


  6. That looks like such a charming campus! I went to college at a campus that was an old converted army hospital....a little creepy and not to pretty, to say the least. You look so chic in your casual, layered outfit. I need more basic pieces like this :-)

  7. Absolut - ich stelle auch immer wieder fest, dass unsere Welt doch verdammt klein ist!
    Ein ganz hĂĽbscher Campus!


  8. great picks! I like your scarf and shirt!

  9. Love the ensemble! Now following. Also, if you could please vote for my photo here:
    That would mean a lot as I'm trying to win a contest for my birthday coming up. If you do so, you're eligible for the giveaway on my blog. It's ending tomorrow, so If you could vote for me, it would mean the world! Thanks in advance! Best Regards, Bobby

  10. This is a great look for the campus. And thanks for stopping by, btw do you wanna follow each other on fb as well?


  11. what a lovely post <3 you look super cute ! <3


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