Wednesday, February 6, 2013


On sunday I've been on a long walk with one of my roommates... 
I love to go on those sunday- walks with my roommate, 'cause we always find the most amazing places (at least I think there are the most amazing places and that may have something to do with the fact that I am in the US and I think almost everything is amazing as long as it is somehow new ;)). 
So this sunday we found an abandoned house and we went inside and had a good time telling us stories about who is probably living on the second floor of the house and if he would hurt us or not. In the end we did not go to the second floor but explored only the first floor and still it was very exiting :) 
Pictures of the house will follow in another post! 

Later that day we found those old trains and I was totally amazed and took a billion of pictures :)

And about the Superbowl... I did not really get the point of the whole thing. But the food was great and I had a wonderful time with my friends and it was fun watching BeyoncĂ© during the halftime and the commercial for Volkswagen made everybody laugh (just because I am from Germany and this commercial is somehow so pro- german...). 
That I did not get the point in the whole football-thing is probabaly just because I grew grew up in a culture where soccer is the most important sports ;)


  1. Love this old train, a Sunday adventure walk sounds so fun!

  2. Great photos you took!
    Thanks for the comment =)

  3. Really cool shots. I live in Germany but I prefer football. Soccer is so boring :)

  4. Such a cool location!

  5. I dot have tv so I didnt watch superbowl :D and Im really not into ´that´´. Your pohotos are lovely, another great place!

  6. Aww your first Superbowl! How exciting! I was actually pulling hard for the 49ers because that's where I'm from, but I'm glad you at least enjoyed Beyonce! This train would be such a fun thing to photograph, the pictures turned out great! I read from a previous post that your fiance is coming to Ohio soon?! How exciting! Is he also going to be in school?

    perfectly priya

  7. Nice pics!!! Love the touch of blue!!!

  8. It seems you have great time there)
    I haven't watched Superbowl) Don't like football things also)

  9. Great poctures!! And love ur outfit and esp ur blue turtleneck in contrast to the snowy white background..

  10. hehe, I am not a huge fan of the superbowl either, it's just a good excuse to get together and see people, lol! I love the background for these pictures! I like that you enjoy abandoned things too :) Very cool. By the way- I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :) You just need to write out 7 random facts about yourself and nominate some other awesome bloggers- you can see the details on my latest post :)


  11. What a beautiful place for photos - I love your blue dress!

    And the superbowl is pretty pointless! I never watch it myself


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