Saturday, February 16, 2013

Becoming a Laos- Lady

At the Indonesian night...

 ... my friend at I wanted to dress up indonesian- style...
but we did not have any constumes so we went for the traditional clothing of Laos instead. My best friend here in the US is from Laos and she brought several outfits from her country. 
We had a really good time and my Lao-sister and I got lots of compliments ;-)

 There were lots of great performances (dances, singing, traditional way of fighting...) and the food was delicious! Since last night I think that I should travel to Indonesia :) 
Have any of you ever been there?


The necklace that I am wearing is made out of real pearls from Thailand! I' ve been borrowing it from my friend because she told me that we wearing a Laos- dress you need to wear necklaces. 
Later that night she said that the necklace looks so nice on me that I should keep it. I tried to convince her that that's a crazy idea but she insisted and this is then the story of how I got my first real pearls! 
They are lovely and each one looks different from the other. I've been really really happy and grateful for this gift!


  1. Amazing style and you look great in this dress!!! Pictures are lovely as well))) Thanks for sharing such a nice post! I'm following you right now, hope you will do same!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

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  3. oh, that is really neat! how interesting! i bet you had a lovely time!

    lindsey louise

  4. Cool photos!))

  5. Aw you look amazing with that dress , cute photos <3

  6. Cool dress and looks like you had a really fun and interesting night! I love all types of ethnic food :)


  7. hey dear...
    thanx a lot for your comment...
    well abt the glasses that wore in the pic is vintage ... won in ebay...

  8. Nice dress .. And nice blog btw

    I was wondering if you would like to follow each other .. Just let me know!


  9. OMG!!! are you in Indonesia right now?
    I'm from Indonesia anyway :D


  10. I've never been there) Love such kind of parties, you can learn new interesting things about other culture)

  11. Larissa you look so utterly lovely and I think this is my favorite outfit post of you thus far! You look stunning and the traditional outfit suits you well! Congrats on your first strand of pearls! I remember mine too, you will cherish them forever!


  12. You look so lovely <3

  13. Hello, I really like your blog what about followingneachnother ?
    Let me know/)

  14. so chic!

  15. finally it was great!!! lovely skirt ♥♥

  16. you look lovely in them!

    pls join my giveaway:

  17. u look great.. thnx for folloing.. followed u back.. :)

  18. Hammer süß und super lieb mit der Kette. Ich hoffe, ich kann die schönen und einzigartigen Perlen bald aus der Nähe betrachten.
    Und das traditionelle Outfit finde ich auch total schön, der Stoff ist wunderschön.


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