Saturday, January 26, 2013

When living abroad...

Have you ever spent some months or years in a foreign country? 
For me it is the fourth time that I spend several months in another country. I lived one year in Northern France, then 6 months in Ghana und then another 7 months in Paris. Now, I am in the US. 
Every time when I live in a foreign country I miss certain things- from Germany, from home, from my friends or just a certain kind of food. But, I also learned what I have to do so that I miss home less. 
For those of you who plan to spend some time abroad or who are currently living in foreign country, this may be helpfull :)

1. Read from time to time what is going on in your home country so that you still nows what is happening while you are gone (and some news can even make you really happy... ;))

2. Bring decoration from your old home to your new home, so that you can easily get used to the new place and feel "at home"

3. Check out all supermarkets for food which you used to eat in your home country. And enjoy this food from time to time, while you are thinking about home :) 

 4. And, most importantly: Meet other "internationals" to share your experiences, your thoughts, your problems, to help each other and to understand each other (sorry, I had to put the masks on them but I am sure they prefer to stay anonymous)


  1. Yes it is hard to leave all friends and family but you are lucky because it is for a short time. Enjoy your days because you will learn so many new things, will find amazing new friends and will see beautiful places...;)

  2. Great tips! I lived in UK for 8 months and I did exactly the same :)

  3. Nice last pic!
    Thanks for visiting my blog =)


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