Saturday, January 19, 2013

Exploration in A. Ohio

Since I did not post in the last days, I think it is time for an update :)

Today, I've been on a small exploration trip around an old psychiatric clinic and a house which is said to be haunted. It did not seem that haunted to me, but people told me that there was a girl burned inside the house and her body was never found. So since, the ghost of the girl is wandering around the house.
I didn't see it, however, It was quite nice and I was able to take a lot of pictures! 

I am sorry for being a little absent these days. I am still getting used to my new home, trying to figure out how everything works, making new friends, making stuff for uni etc. etc. 
I hope you are good and had some good first three weks of the year :)

Have a great weekend! 


  1. love the pictures! I love your smile!
    Following you now on GFC! Hope you do the same :)

  2. PRETTY Sweater!!!<3

  3. Hi dear, psychiatric clinic with a ghost is really cool) I wish to visit smth like this also)
    kisses and hugs)

  4. Wie immer klasse Fotos und eine fantastische Kulisse und ein traumhaftes Outfit :)

  5. You look stunning! I love th eoutfit! <3

  6. Hello dear, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts!! Happy Monday!
    Come back soon to visit on Cosa Mi Metto???
    Win a red dress identical to the one Miranda Kerr wore!!

  7. ah, i miss the good ol' US.... but yes, to answer your question, my bf is in Norway until February...but we skype every night, which makes it a bit bearable...


  8. oh greta photos and location! creepy location ;)

  9. Hello darling, tnx for your comment on my blog. :)
    Love these photos.
    I'm following you now, hope you can follow me too. :)


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